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Gerrard is a professional dancer and a Yoga Alliance UK trained teacher. He provides students a 'safe space' in which to unburden


insecurities and physical blockages. Gerrard brings to you this unique practice, which combines their respective skills, passion, energy


and knowledge to deliver a life affirming Vinyasa practice, whilst encouraging a mindful and holistic approach to postures. Elements of


Gerrard’s dance background will be drawn upon to further enhance this unique experience.  Particular focus will be paid to the breath,


correct alignment and movement from the core.  

Gerrard's yoga class makes me feel like it's a pleasure to be in my own body.

Amanda Petts, Yoga Student

'I came to Yoga, interested in gaining more FLEXIBILITY and desiring to one day be able to attain the physical prowess of the postures. 

Over the years of practicing and teaching yoga, it has played a much more pivotal and transformative role in my life. 

Yoga has given me a sense of CALM, a GROUNDEDNESS and a sense of UNDERSTANDING when dealing with my emotions.

Yoga challenges me and makes me think about what’s important in the here and now; the PRESENT, that’s why yoga is a GIFT!

By FREEING and DEEPENING my breathing, and coordinating my breath with my physical practice, I started to free my body, mind


and spirit, thus allowing for other POSITIVE TRANSFORMATIONS to take place in my day to day life, and also in my work goals


and relationships. 

That physical FLEXIBILITY I craved for transmuted into ADAPTABILITY and FLOW whilst negotiating differing situations, and that


desire to control my body led me to OPEN UP in terms of seeking out my PURPOSE and sharing my skills. 

If you want to transform and understand more about yourself and what’s waiting for you. 

Gerrard Martin

 Yoga Classes:

Breeze Yoga 

9 Albemarle Road




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