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Gerrard’s work permeated our production of Black Superhero at the Royal Court. The movement sequences were exquisite - full of pain and desire. But truly his work reached beyond those areas.


He intuitively knew how to aid the clarity of storytelling through the body, through proximity, through quality of movement, and use of space. It enriched the experience for everyone, as well as the work itself. 

Daniel Evans, Co-Artistic Director of the Royal Shakespeare Company 


GMD offers a safe space for dancers, singers and actors: to unburden insecurities and physical blockages. Classes use a combination of dance, restorative therapies, and yoga exercises to gain a better insight into the connection between body and mind. Special attention will be paid to developing the use of the breath, to help achieve better focus and centeredness. Certain exercises can be transferred to performance and non-performance situations. By unlocking habitual restraints on the body and mind, the participant will be able to utilise his or hers’ optimum artistry. Classes ensure a positive impact on the participant, leading to a productive day both artistically and spiritually.


Gerrard Martin is a warm, intelligent colleague and highly creative in his ideas and collaborative engagement. In my show BEAM, he was hired as movement director to the project but it soon became clear that due to his knowledgeable insights, it was only right to move into an assistant director position. He is an asset to any Company and I am looking forward to working with him again in the future. 

Nadine Benjamin MBE, Soprano, Empowerment Coach/Mentor, Former English National Opera Harewood Artist , Sky Arts Awards Nominee




Gerrard worked with me as the assistant choreographer on two productions of the classic opera Porgy and Bess. One opera was produced by English National Opera (2018) and the other by Dutch National Opera in Amsterdam (2018-19).   I was thrilled to have Gerrard as a support for these huge projects, each with about 50 cast members.  


First of all, he becomes a “friend” with all of the performers, who then feel so comfortable in the atmosphere of the rehearsal. He gives every single person his attention – whether a smile, a friendly conversation, a hug.  As the assistant choreographer he helped me define and select the best approach to new movements; he helped immensely in giving guidance to the cast, teaching them what to do in movement; he helped individuals navigate the intricate set; he worked with the children so they were clear about what to do and when to do it. He was a treasure in all of these ways. 


Besides all of the wonderful professionalism in his role, he also helped me in ways that I cannot even count. Gerrard shared with me so much about the arts scene in London, he was a tourist guide at times, he taught me how to get around where I needed to go and about the proper ways of the culture.  He made sure I had what I needed – food, transportation, production materials, and a sympathetic ear when there were challenges. You name it – he was there.  


At times he interacted with the others on the creative team as a support to the choreographic process. As well, Gerrard is a very fine artist, wonderful choreographer, very fine teacher of dance, and a person with total discipline.  Anyone who has the good fortune to work with Gerrard Martin is a lucky person indeed.  I was that person.

Dianne McIntyre, Choreographer & Movement Director

Gerrard's indefatigable efforts on our production of Scott Joplin's Treemonisha was very well received and he worked well as a Choreographer and team member to the realisation of an excellent choreographed piece of theatre.

Lloyd Newton, Founder & previous Artistic Director Pegasus Opera Company

As a jewellery designer the body is my canvas and source of inspiration. I first met Gerrard through his contemporary intro course at 'The Place' and loved his way of working with the body! 


For my jewellery label RÄTHEL & WOLF, I instantly  wanted to collaborate with Gerrard for a film directed by Whitney Conti combining his beautiful movements with our Jewellery. 


He translated our concepts and visual language in a strong choreography empowering the wearer’s and dancer‘s persona. It was such a pleasure working with Gerrard as a collaborator as well as a teacher!

Sari Rathel, Jewellery Designer

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