“Gerrard Martin performance “B” has to be the most profound , provocative and yet poignant exploration around queer black identity to date in the UK. Currently in R&D, it ambitiously explores themes of the self , otherness , idealism, faith, love and their intersectionality. It’s not often you get to be part of history in the making but this is exactly what we are witnessing here. I anticipate eagerly it’s full realisation” 


Mark Lawrence Banfield

Community Engagement Officer at the Terrence Higgins Trust, and CEO of Regenovate CIC


"Gerrard was a joy to work with. His ideas, absolute precision and skill working with singers was first class. He has style, flair and passion and our Rigoletto had a real edge of movement class from his choreography. Can't wait to work with him again.'"

Caroline Clegg, Director of Rigoletto, Longborough Opera & Artistic Director of Feelgood Theatre Productions 

"There are also some wonderful skits of physical theatre as Kareem works closely with movement director Gerrard Martin"

Grumpy Gay Critic

"Iqbal Khan's joyous production works very well on the difficult platform of the QEH, and his supporting team of Ciaran Bagnall (design and lighting) and Gerrard Martin (choreography) have helped shape an exciting and moving evening of theatre...Pleasurable evening at the QEH"

John Bird, Remotegoat

"In Gerrard Martin's 'D-Ilusion' sound, music and smart dance moves coalesce with energy and purpose. Praise for dancers Vanessa Abreu and Claire Talbot, and superb sound by Mike Scott-Harding. Best of the night: two women explore body image: complex and original, physical, intense, searching…."

Andrew Nairne, ex Chief Executive, Arts Council England

Choreography Show Reel

TBC: To Be Connected

State of Our Union

'B' Trailer

Any Last Words...? Trailer

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